Radical joy

Celebrating Pride and the beauty and power of LGBTQIA+ communities

In the face of adversity, existence itself can be resistance and spark change. Radical joy is more than just a feeling. It’s an anthem to those who thrive against all odds. An ode to beauty. And a reminder that joy is both universal and individual—and we should unite in spreading it everywhere.

Join Microsoft employees as we celebrate Pride and the spirit of radical joy!

Every color of joy

LGBTQIA+ community is not a monolith. It’s a large group of people, sharing various sexual and romantic orientations and gender identities. We celebrate their power and unity in many ways. One of them is by featuring 74 community flags in bright, joyful and radical Pride designs. Overlapping and intersecting with power and flourish, they represent the interconnectedness of LGBTQIA+ identities and experiences. Plus, all of them are available as open-source graphics for everyone to use, remix, and share, to spread LGBTQIA+ acceptance and harmony around the world!

Joy is wherever you are

A vibrant array of layered, colorful, flower-like fabric structures are displayed against a purple background.

Bring joy to work

Use Pride themes in your Microsoft 365 apps.*

What’s joy got to do with it?

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Joy is all around

Meet more employees who make Microsoft a joyful and welcoming place for all.

Caroline Scalley, senior business administrator at Microsoft, blends heritage, humor, and compassion to redefine identity.

Ian Raleigh, software engineer at Microsoft, felt supported to explore gender expression and now advocates for showing up as your true self.

Armed with what he calls “super empathy,” Joao Madureira, principal customer reliability engineer at Microsoft, harnesses inclusivity as a strength.

$16M and counting

Over the last 30 years, Microsoft together with employees donated over $16M to organizations that support LGBTQIA+ communities. In the past year alone, we donated over $1.3M.

As part of our Pride campaign and product launches in 2024, we’re contributing an additional total $200,000 to Transgender Law Center, Transconvida, ACCEPT Association – Romania, and The Trevor Project to help the fight for LGBTQIA+ equity and equality.

Standing up for LGBTQIA+ equity since 1989

Since 1989, Microsoft has pushed for LGBTQIA+ inclusion, leveraging our global influence to drive systemic change. We’re committed to creating inclusive products and actively engaging with governments to champion LGBTQIA+ equity. Our journey continues as we advocate for a more inclusive future for all.

*Choose your favorite Pride theme for Outlook in Settings > Appearance. In all other M365 apps, enable the Pride theme in Settings > Show Your Pride.