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Welcome to the NBA App powered by Microsoft
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30 teams. Hundreds of players. 1,231 games—and that’s not even including the playoffs.

Day in and day out, NBA teams are battling it out on the hardwood to earn their shine. But that’s only half the story. The NBA is bigger than basketball. It’s a culture, a community—a world of its own. And there’s a world of reasons to love the league.

Ride-or-die day one fans who never miss a game? Stat-loving hoops geeks looking for live in-game advanced insights to bring home a fantasy league title? Love the league to see who is wearing what to the game? Even the old-school fans who love telling stories about the legends back in the day. The NBA delivers all of it.

And now, with the reimagined NBA App powered by Microsoft, fans can connect with the league they love in a way that’s all them.

For one fan, it may be the novelty of watching live games on their smartphone while road-tripping across the US. For another, it may be the entertaining original content such as “Bring it Home” chronicling the Denver Nuggets’ 2022-23 championship season, or “Race for the NBA Cup” documenting the inaugural NBA Cup Tournament. Whatever their reason for loving the NBA—the live games, the players, the style, the highlights, and more—fans can find it in the NBA App.

Delivering buckets (of data)

Powered by Microsoft technology, the NBA App provides a personalized platform tailored to every fan’s interest. Users can follow their favorite players and teams to receive the latest news, trending topics, vertical video highlights, and more. Fans also receive live updates and notifications based on their unique preferences.

NBA Insights is an AI-powered feature in the NBA App that offers fans a smarter way to watch the game, with deeper and quicker insights that highlight how moments in the game relate to the big picture of player, team and league highlights. Now, when a team starts to get hot, Insights will let you know the ‘why’ behind the in-game plays.

The new “Moments” experience allows fans to scroll through unlimited NBA content using a vertical social-media style interface. The NBA App offers a new flavor of social media that includes everything fans want, and more importantly, nothing they don’t.

LeBron flying with the fast break alley-oop? Steph hitting a step-back game-winner? Jokić with the no-look behind-the-back dime? Never miss a moment with real-time highlights.

Along with personalized updates, the NBA App features full-court content for all things league-related. From the pre-game show to post-game celebration, the platform is the one-stop spot for hoops aficionados. Fans will discover highlights from every game, behind-the-scenes footage of players and teams, access to the NBA vault, and more.

For all the ways you fan

With each team playing three to four games a week, keeping up with all the action can keep fans busy. The NBA season is an overtime-churning engine. Every night serves as a new chance to write history and leave a mark on the hardwood.

The first-ever NBA Cup Tournament added another compelling layer to the season as teams vied for the NBA Cup and bragging rights. And let’s not forget NBA All-Star, the Playoffs, and the Finals. Put simply, there’s a lot of entertainment ahead for NBA fans. And the NBA App powered by Microsoft makes it easier than ever for fans to follow their favorites right from the jump.