Powering a better game

Changing the Game
NFL player Tyler Lockett wearing a jersey and helmet shown from behind. He holds his arms open in front of a crowded stadium of fans. The back of his jersey says “LOCKETT 16.”

Tyler Lockett’s lined up for the final drive. It’s a high-pressure, make-or-break moment, overcome by the cheers of not just the stadium but NFL fans around the world. Make the play, and people talk about it forever. It’s moments like this that fans live for.

Highlights alone don’t define a player. Greatness takes years of learning and preparation to manifest. That’s why Microsoft and the NFL have been partners for nearly a decade helping clubs prepare and perform, creating a better game for all.

A smarter grind

The grind is getting smarter with each passing season of the Microsoft and NFL partnership. Big plays like Tyler’s are called during the game but refined weeks in advance.

Microsoft Windows and Surface give clubs a new level of insight into their performance during practice. From drawing up plays to annotating game film as they prepare each week, Windows empowers players and coaches to collaborate, review, and reimagine in real-time.

It’s the calls made in the lead up to game day that win the game—and it takes a lot of communication between a lot of people.

Microsoft Teams improves communication between players with virtual huddles as productive as those on the field. Clubs use digital playbooks with film review no longer limited to the film room. Last minute pivots and changes are easy to share, preparing clubs to hit the field running.

Data in real time

On game day, Surface and Microsoft are on the field with players and coaches—working just as fast, every snap of the ball. After each play, coaches and officials can react and make changes in near real time with Surface Sideline Viewing System (SVS) and Microsoft Surface Instant Replay (MSIR) driving tangible in-game impact.

The recent introduction of Game Statistics & Information System (GSIS) to the Surface Sideline Viewing System (SVS) has given coaches and players access to NFL-verified data within moments. Yards, tackles, and other performance metrics provide a new dynamic layer of information that was typically unavailable until the end of each quarter.

We are constantly looking for ways to make our technology available to help support and amplify the great work that players, clubs, and organizations are doing.
James Bernstrom
Head of NFL Partnership, Microsoft

Champions beyond the field

The NFL and Microsoft share a desire to achieve more with a partnership that doesn’t just help athletes like Tyler make plays. It helps people in the cities they represent. Technology is being made more accessible for students in underserved communities. Opportunities are being created in classrooms for kids to succeed in any field, whether in football or STEM.

In Atlanta, Microsoft and the Falcons have partnered to provide training to over sixty students interested in careers in technology with the Atlanta Falcons Westside Ambassador program. In addition, nearly 500 students from Atlanta schools were invited to experience STEAM-based educational activities powered by Microsoft devices during the Atlanta Falcons STEAM Day.

In Hawaii and across Polynesia, Microsoft, select NFL players, and the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame are supporting educational programs with donations of Surface devices.