AI Anthology

Out There
A collection of essays on the future of AI
Introduction by Eric Horvitz, Chief Scientific Officer, Microsoft

To nurture a future where AI is leveraged to the benefit of people and society, it is crucial to bring together a wide array of voices and viewpoints. With this goal in mind, we invited a constellation of experts, with specialties encompassing a broad spectrum—spanning the fields of business, economics, education, engineering, healthcare, history, law, mathematics, medicine, mental health, psychology, and the sciences—to explore the capabilities of GPT-4 before its public release and provide their insightful reflections in the form of essays. We offered three case studies to the contributors at the outset to inspire ideas and asked them to focus on two core questions:

How might this technology and its successors contribute to human flourishing?

How might we as society best guide the technology to achieve maximal benefits for humanity?

Reflections on AI and the future of human flourishing

By Eric Horvitz, Chief Scientific Officer, Microsoft

Recent advances in artificial intelligence have sparked both wonder and anxiety as we contemplate its transformative potential. AI holds enormous promise to enrich our lives, but this anticipation comes intertwined with apprehensions about the challenges and risks that may emerge.

A portrait of Eric Horvitz