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Celebrating diversity & inclusion

Valuing inclusion in the great outdoors

From day picnics to weeklong camping trips, outdoor activities can be defined in many ways. Being yourself and enjoying the beauty of nature is important, no matter who you are. Kween is an acronym for “keep widening environmental engagement narratives”, which promotes inclusivity in the outdoors and supports better access for everyone.

Kween Werk is on a mission to raise the visibility of Black people in travel and outdoor spaces. She co-founded Inclusive Journeys and the Inclusive Guide, a website that provides a way for users to rate businesses on things like staff courtesy and personal safety. She believes representation of people of color in travel, parks, and recreation will encourage others to participate, making the outdoors a safe space for all.

Mikah is a road trip and national parks expert who uses travel to promote awareness of a more inclusive outdoors. He’s made history as the first openly gay man featured in a sponsored outdoors recreation campaign. He recently established the Outside Safe Space program, which provides a way of making the outdoors more accessible through the symbol of a colorful tree that can be worn and displayed.

Mikah was inspired by his late father, who also loved road trips, to visit all 400-plus US National Park service sites in a single journey. He’s an advocate for inclusive marketing and a strong force on social media, documenting his explorations for everyone to follow. He encourages others to take journeys that inspire them to live beyond convention.