The door flew open, and in walked trouble…

AI is not creative. You are.

AI is a lot like a good story—it sparks the imagination, evokes genuine awe, and even inspires our own creativity. And this year, in celebration of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, we asked creators from around the world to use AI to craft a unique story in Microsoft Copilot. The only catch was that they had to include the iconic film-noir line: “The door flew open, and in walked trouble …”

So, what happens when trouble walks in? It travels through science fiction, graphic novels, and even the inner world of the subconscious … into the attic, across the world, or out of this world entirely. Trouble overcomes its fears, undermines stereotypes, and reinvents itself. And as many times as trouble makes an entrance, it’s never quite the same. The vision of each creator, and where their imagination takes them, shows how the true power of AI is within you!

AI is not creative. You are.

It’s your turn! Bring your story to life with Microsoft Copilot—whether you try out the line above and make it your own, or start from scratch.

Knowing where to start can be daunting. So here’s a formula to help create the best prompt for your unique vision.

image type

Don’t be afraid to play. Swap out words, add more descriptions, and make it personal.

Keep those doors open and let the ideas rush in. Nurture the troublesome ones—they might surprise you.
Regan Warner