Let’s put AI to work for the planet

Reimagine climate action

When it comes to sustainability, the world has ambitious goals to meet. Reaching them means reimagining solutions for the planet’s greatest challenges together. Every day, people are finding new ways to use AI to think bigger, move faster, and take action to protect the future of our planet. And things once difficult to imagine achieving in our lifetime are quickly becoming a reality.

From preserving the Amazon rainforest to analyzing the largest data sets on earth—progress starts with questioning what’s possible. Discover how people are seeking answers and using AI for a better world.

Protecting the land we call home

The path to sustainability starts with healthy ecosystems. That means permanently preserving more land than we use.

Replenishing our most vital resource

Where there’s water, there’s life. Fresh water protects the fundamental rights of all people and sustains life on earth.

Repurposing what we don’t use

A cleaner, healthier planet needs a more circular approach. Going zero-waste lessens our impact and saves the earth’s resources.

Driven by bold commitments

Reimagining climate action starts with asking bold questions, and investing in even bolder solutions. As we navigate the promise of AI to accelerate solutions amid resource intensity, we’re keeping our pledges to advance sustainability for all.

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