It takes everyone to make a difference

Climate action can be a part of everyone’s job–or a job in itself. Discover the stories of those who transformed their careers to make a difference for the planet. Whether it’s skilling, designing UI, or shifting mindsets–all of us can make a difference.

On a good day, half the country sees 3-4 hours of electricity.

Dr. Emmanuel Ekwueme
Co-founder of ICE Commercial Power

Dr. Ekwueme aims to connect over 100,000 small businesses to clean energy by 2025, while leading the upskilling of 10,000 Nigerian youth.

Those who can do more, should.

Bonnie Lei
Head of Ecosystems at Microsoft

Bonnie traces her journey from environmental advocate to environmental justice and employee engagement leader at Microsoft, where she helped found AI for Earth and leads efforts to protect more land than the company uses by 2025.

We can’t solve it on our own.

Dr. Robin Price
Director of Quality and Environment, Anglian Water

Dr. Price, a long-time nature-lover, works closely with communities and technology to improve the health of rivers, build climate resilience, and enhance biodiversity.

We already know what doing the same looks like.

Zack Parisa
CEO and Co-Founder at NCX

Carbon market co-founder and forester at heart, Zack has learned that there is no one “villain,” and we must work together with cloud technology to reduce deforestation.

Games redefine our relationship with failure.

Paula Escuadra
Senior UX Strategist at Xbox

Paula reveals how she revolutionized Xbox games by co-developing a toolkit with game developers-empowering them to make the code of their video games more energy efficient.

Small actions make a big difference.

Alessandra Pistoia
Senior PM, Zero Waste and Circularity at Microsoft

Alessandra shares her experience leading Microsoft’s efforts to reach zero waste through enabling circular data centers.