Imagine that

Manifesting otherworldly ideas with generative AI

The real power of AI begins with one person’s unique idea—sparking imagination, influencing creativity, and ultimately inspiring millions of people everywhere to dive in and explore what’s possible.

In celebration of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, we asked creators from around the world to take on a challenge—imagine a fantastic sea creature inspired by an octopus, starfish, or nudibranch with Designer in Copilot.

Many were curious, some had questions, and most were skeptical of what AI could do.

After experimenting, contributors experienced surprise, delight, and eye-opening opportunities to create. They took us to uncharted realms where dazzling creatures mesmerize us—under the sea, or in a distant galaxy. Inspiring anyone who wants to imagine how a unique idea can take shape in new and unexpected ways.

Since it’s coming from you, it’s more personal and unique. The possibilities are endless.
Candace Solola
SO Dsgn

Octo artists

Discover the inspiration that prompted their creations

A nudibranch with embroidery flowers made of gradient clear plastics in a white studio environment

Rita Louro, Freelance

Octopus made of Ukrainian Pysanka, vector, high quality, render 4k, green

Alina Kompanets, O0 Design

Deep sea octopus, mechanical parts, machined, pastel, metal rendered

Mark Thwaites, Monigle

A vibrant octopus made of many shades of yellow, in a 3D gestural, calligraphic style, wildly expressive, typography, brush strokes, paintstrokes, ink blot, hand lettering, modern calligraphy, textural, alive, abstract, artistic, handmade, flow, fluid, movement, imaginative

Candace Solola, SO Dsgn

A beautiful, graphic nudibranch made from expanding, extruding type and letters, stunning detail, expressive, emotive and poetic on a pale pewter background, photographic

Aporva Baxi, DixonBaxi

Create me an image of a nudibranch made of wood, 3D, conceptual render

Jared Milam, Cinco Design

Neo-expressionism interpretation of an orange-red octopus adorned with an auspicious yellow crown, 8% sign, only 8% Latinos work in tech, paint

Roberto Morales, Microsoft

An underwater party made up of a fuzzy happy cat with 8 legs dancing with a colorful octopus on a coral reef swimming wearing goggles

Savannah Holder, Instrument

You don’t have to rely on your technical abilities, you just have to rely on your imagination.
Rita Louro

Get creative

To bring your own creative idea to life, begin in creative mode in Copilot. Say “create” or “draw me an image of” and describe what you want to see with adjectives, locations, and styles like digital art and photorealistic. For example, “create me an image of an orange panda bear wearing sunglasses on the beach, digital art.” Refine it until it’s what you imagined.