Unique unites us

We’re not all the same. Why should our tech be?

We all have our unique way of doing things—accessibility is about personalizing the way we use technology to connect and engage with the world.

Discover how AI is making it easier for you to do things the way you want. From customizing text-to-speech to experiencing museum exhibits through texture and touch, this is personal.

AI is changing accessibility

From speaking to coding, to fostering neurodiverse teams and making art accessible for all—AI can help us unlock our unique potential.

When Brian Jeansonne was diagnosed with ALS, his family worried they’d never hear his jokes again. With AI, Brian sounds more like himself—and his family is laughing again.

The future of work is neurodiverse

With the help of AI, Mentra is fostering diverse hiring and innovation in the workplace.

Painting pictures with words

With AI-powered audio descriptions, Rijksmuseum is reimagining how people experience art.

AI-powered coding is for everyone

With technology that adapts to him, Anton can build faster and easier than ever.

Your tools. Your rules.

Accessibility should be a built-in, not a bolt-on. Discover how you can work, play, and connect your way.

Your AI companion

Microsoft Copilot works alongside you—from getting answers to questions fast to summarizing lengthy meetings.

Ease meeting overload

Farah uses Copilot to transcribe and summarize key themes in her meetings so she can digest information at her own pace.

Reduce fatigue with summaries

Jeremy finds reading many emails challenging because of his low vision. Summary in Copilot helps him absorb information all at once.

Get the words flowing

Paolo finds navigating a blank page difficult with his dyslexia. He uses Copilot to get documents off to a great start.

Create, collaborate, communicate

New ways of working require new tools. Making small changes to Microsoft Teams can create big impact for team focus time—whether heads-down or heads together. Choose your notification settings and noise suppression levels to stay on track. Plus, Microsoft 365 best-in-class apps and cloud services have tools for more access and personalization built in.

Engage and play your way

Create your ideal setup, increase productivity, and use your favorite apps any way you like. With highly adaptable, easy-to-use accessories, you can personalize interaction with your PC. And with Xbox Adaptive Controller, you can game in your own unique way.

Built for you

Built-in accessibility features for vision, hearing, mobility, neurodiversity, and more are at the core of Windows 11. Personalize your PC to work your way.

Accessibility starts
with you

Level up your skills and celebrate accessibility awareness.

No one-size-fits-all

We believe accessibility needs to be a priority that drives transformative change. As we navigate the promise of AI to fuel accessibility innovation, we’re committed to advancing accessibility as a fundamental right.