Make your holiday a masterpiece

No matter how you celebrate, every holiday is a work of art

The holidays are different for everyone, but they’re all about the unique memories and traditions we create. Whether it’s singing with your cats, eating from bento boxes, or watching the night sky—everyone has a holiday story.

We asked people to share their holiday stories—and transmedia artist Ellie Pritts turned them into prompts and used AI in Microsoft Copilot to transform them into masterpieces. They’re all a little different because people and traditions are all a little different, yet at their heart are the distinct memories that shape and connect us.

Masterpiece moments

Discover the personal stories and prompts that inspired these holiday masterpieces.

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Curly hair and 3 cats

Nahar gathered with her mom, her sisters, and some cats to sing Hanukkah songs, their hair all aglow.

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Bubba, let’s go

When Silvana wears her grandmother’s great black coat, it’s like taking a walk with her on Christmas.

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Tokyo origami

Tacuma cherishes memories of doing origami, eating food from lacquered boxes, and visiting a Tokyo amusement park with his family on New Year’s.

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Here with me

José’s family built a puppet called “Año Viejo” on New Year’s Eve, a tradition in Ecuador that represents the past year.

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The bigger the dumpling

For Lunar New Year, Paulina and her grandmother spent an evening wrapping dumplings, a symbol of prosperity.

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Love that fish!

Dario isn’t what you’d call a “holiday person,” but there’s one celebration he can’t forget: the Feast of the Seven Fishes.

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How to make your own

Bring a holiday memory to life with AI in Microsoft Copilot, whether it’s a dish you can’t live without or a special tradition passed down through generations—then share it with the world.

Crafting a prompt to create an AI image can be daunting. So here’s a formula to help you make your masterpiece:

image type

A good image takes iterating, so don’t be afraid to play. Swap out words, add more descriptions, and make it your own.

This reminds me of my family back home.
Maher reflects on Eid-al-Fitr and Ramadan in Baghdad

A vibrant portrait of an individual featuring dark short hair and bangs. The person is dressed in a yellow top and has her hand to her chin. The backdrop is a gradient pink.

Meet the AI artist

We partnered with transmedia artist Ellie Pritts, who translated holiday stories into prompts, used AI in Microsoft Copilot to create images, then customized them into masterpieces. And this isn’t her first time transforming memories into art—Ellie explores and reimagines nostalgia in her own work. She hopes to inspire and empower people to create their own worlds.

“I want people to feel good about themselves as co-creators of their universe,” says Ellie.

Ellie lives with a neurological condition called CMT and synesthesia, where one sense is experienced through another—such as tasting colors or feeling sounds—and her art is shaped in part by the colors of words. She believes doors that may have been closed to her are opening up because of AI.